Water quality testing protects the environment
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Aquaculture water quality monitoring
In recent years, with the acceleration of industrialization and the continuous improvement of the level of urbanization, it has not only driven the rapid development of economy, but also caused a serious impact on the environment. In particular, pollution such as organic matter, nutrient salts and heavy metals flows into rivers, lakes and reservoirs, seriously affecting the safety of natural landscape and water environment. Library to protect rivers and lake water quality security, the need to main point, water quality monitoring of water quality on-line monitoring can not only real-time continuous monitoring and remote monitoring of water quality, and can timely, accurate and effective grasp of the main river basin the key section of the water quality condition, early warning and forecast major or basin water pollution accident, supervision, total amount control system to carry out the situation, the urban landscape water quality monitoring and so on various aspects plays an important role.
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