Water quality testing protects the environment
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China is a big country in aquaculture, and aquaculture is an important part of China's fishery and an important growth point of fishery development. Factory farming developing rapidly in recent years, seawater, each kind of aquatic animals to survive in a suitable water quality environment, to growth and reproduction, if some contaminated water quality environment, may be the cause of aquatic animals die, thus for analysis and monitoring of water quality in aquaculture environment is of crucial importance. At present, most of the domestic aquaculture water quality monitoring is still in the stage of manual sampling and chemical analysis, and even only based on experience, to estimate. It is time-consuming and laborious, with low accuracy, and has great deficiencies in monitoring time and accident early warning, which is far from meeting the needs of further development of factory farming. By monitoring the quality of water and sewage with online monitoring instruments, aquaculture personnel can obtain accurate and real-time data, so as to achieve high and stable production, and can actively control the environmental parameters, guide the aquaculture industry to avoid risks and bring profits.
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