Water quality testing protects the environment
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Groundwater resources are more complex than surface water resources, so the quality, quantity and migration law of groundwater itself cannot be observed directly. Groundwater pollution and ground subsidence caused by overexploitation of groundwater are slow and irreversible damage will be caused once they accumulate to a certain extent. Therefore, in order to develop, utilize and protect groundwater, it is necessary to carry out long-term online monitoring of groundwater quality and water level, so as to grasp the dynamic changes of groundwater in time, realize the early warning and forecast of groundwater, prevent the spread of pollution, and effectively develop, utilize and protect groundwater. Online monitoring data of groundwater is not only able to timely and accurate response problems, analyzing problems, solving problems, thus to guide the work practice, and more research on groundwater dynamic law, master different hydrogeologic units, different layer and different water source water and groundwater level change of important basis, research and management of water resources is of great significance.
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